What More Is There To Be Said?

“My eight-year-old daughter was killed.
My three-year-old son.
Nixon, murderer of civilians.
What have I done to Nixon that he should come here to bomb my country?
My daughter died right here.
She was feeding the pigs.
She was so sweet.
She is dead.
The pigs are alive.
My mother and my children took shelter here.
Here they died.
Planes came from over there, no targets here.
Only rice fields and houses.
I’ll give you my daughter’s beautiful shirt.
Take it back to the United States.
Tell them what happened here.
My daughter is dead.
She’ll never wear the shirt again.
Throw the shirt in Nixon’s face.
Tell them—

She was only a little school girl.”

—Vu Duc Vinh, A North Vietnamese father


Source: Peter Davis, Hearts and Minds (1974)

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