What You Won’t Read in USA Today

Yesterday I noticed a headline from USA Today:
“In Israel, staying alert for terror is a way of life”

The article was one in a series
On the Boston Marathon explosions

Don’t expect anytime soon
Or go looking in the archives for

USA Today articles
With titles like these:

“In Gaza, staying alert for Israeli war crimes
Is a way of life”

“In the West Bank, staying alert for IDF home demolitions and collective punishment
Is a way of life”

“In Hebron, staying alert for vicious harassment by Israeli settlers
Is a way of life for Palestinian school children”

“All over the Palestinian territories, staying alert for Israel’s assassinations, administrative detention arrests, Apache Helicopter gunship fire, collateral damage and torture
Is a way of life”

“Staying alert for the on-going Nakba
Has been the Palestinians’ way of life since 1948”

USA Today

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