Who Is That Person Who Can Stay Calm?

A book I have enjoyed is Happiness by Thich Nhat Hanh.  I’ve liked it so much I give it to friends for their happiness!

In the book, Thầy shares various gathas, verses  one recites to maintain mindfulness. I am planning on using the following one this week, from the chapter “Taking Refuge”:

Breathing in, I go back to the island within myself.
There are beautiful trees within the island.
There are cool streams of water,
there are birds, sunshine, and fresh air.
Breathing out, I feel safe.

He then offers the following commentary: “We are like a boat crossing the ocean. If the boat encounters a storm and everyone panics, the boat will turn over. If there is one person in the boat who can remain calm, that person can inspire other people to be calm. Then there will be hope for the whole boatload. Who is that person who can stay calm in the situation of distress? Each of us is that person. We count on each other.”

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