Word of the Day: Apokatastasis

Allen Ginsberg: …The conditions of revolution in late twentieth century are conditions unforeseen by any other civilization. We are going to the moon, we have drugs that go to the moon inside, we’ve recovered the archaic knowledges of the Australian aborigines, most primitive societies are available to us if we take the effort, many different forms of magic warfare or peacefare are available, apocalypse, classical Armageddon, destruction of the planet, millennium, all this is a possibility. So it’s now unlike it’s ever been in history, this should mellow everybody out and make it possible for everybody to work together, to create a revolution that has no enemies, a revolution by apokatastasis.

Interviewer: What do you mean exactly?

Allen Ginsberg: Apokatastasis is the transformation of satanic energy to celestial energy. In that sense the former notions are irrelevant to the revolutionary steps of consciousness that we’re forced to take in order to survive without tearing the earth asunder. It means that Americans have to stop calling policemen pigs and use a different mantra on these human souls in order to transform them into helpers of the gods rather than enemies of the gods. That’s the direction.

–Allen Ginsberg, from a  1972 interview


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