“Yoga Shmoga”

Dear Alberto Vazquez
I’m glad Bella put us in touch.

You asked me if you should you stay
Or you should go back out on the road.

Here’s what I think…

Stay put.
Look within, you are Buddha!

You know what you want to do.
Everything is in you already.

Do your own experiments.
You make your own path by skipping it.

Try some of this. Then that.
Savor failure.

Forget Dorothy Day.
Wash your mouth out every time you say, “But Gandhi said…”

Start where you are.
The next action is right under your nose.

Those Russians wrote long books.
You can, too.

Tanya Chatterjee taught me this:
The journey of a billion miles begins with a single step.

We can discuss all this
Over pumpkin spice lattes if you wish.


–from micro-novel-in-progress, Our Heroic and Ceaseless 24/7 Struggle against Tsuris

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