You’ve Got Better Things To Do, Like…

Read Margaret Smith’s biography of Rabi’a of Basra at some Lower East Side Odessa restaurant

Take refuge in late March, early April underneath the tallest trees in Queens and the Bronx

Write incandescent love poem to Roque Dalton while Crossing Brooklyn Ferry

Learn Tai Chi from old Chinese woman master early mornings in some Astoria park

Each time you are tempted, each and every time, to go to a fancy Manhattan art gallery, devote two hours to your current painting-in-progress

Go to Staten Island and light a candle for Dorothy “We have all known the long loneliness” Day: “¡Presente!”

Become avid, assiduous amateur detective to determine “The Best Pupusas in Each Borough”

When you feel out of sorts, remember your future of being a bodhisattva midwife far, far from New York

Practice using Thich Nhat Hanh’s Six Mantras in your ordinary, train-riding life

Katie Madges Photo You've Got Better

Photo by Katie Madges

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