A Doctor and a Child: Christmas Eve in Managua

Fernando Silva ran the children’s hospital in Managua.  On Christmas Eve, he worked late into the night.  Firecrackers were exploding and fireworks lit up the sky when Fernando decided it was time to leave.  They were expecting him at home to celebrate the holiday.

He took one last look around, checking to see that everything was in order, when he heard cottony footsteps behind him.  He turned to find one of the sick children walking after him.  In the half-light he recognized the lonely, doomed child.  Fernando recognized that face already lined with death and those eyes asking for forgiveness, or perhaps permission.

Fernando walked over to him and the boy gave him his hand.

Tell someone, . . “ the child whispered.  “Tell someone I’m here.”

–Eduardo Galeano, The Book of Embraces [1992]

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