A Former Student Has Her Say

I was foolish to think I could get anything done in that café
Someone invariably would come up to me and want to talk

Like that Thursday, M marched right up to my table
And spit out what was on her mind:

“I know you think you’re doing a noble thing
Yes, I heard about this from Jenna

But I really believe you are making a bad decision
Didn’t you hear about the young woman who died over there

And for what? For whom?
Those Muslims that danced when the towers came down?

I know you’re anti-American politically
That was clear from your class

But even if I agreed with you politically
I think it’s the wrong time

The wrong place, the wrong group
The wrong aim, and the wrong battle

Seriously think of all you could do with your time and energy
If you worked on Darfur

You could inspire many people to fight against genocide
In a cause that’s really important”

Like Edward Said said
Palestine is a lost cause

A cause for losers
Like me

Our Heroic and Ceaseless 24/7 Struggle against Tsuris

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