A Letter to Eduardo Galeano by Jennifer Reyes Lay

I am happy to share the following from Jenn, who is an active participant in the summer Writing Rejuvenation class!

From Tuesday’s class, writing prompt to write a letter to an artist/writer you admire. This was one of two letters I wrote.

Dear Eduardo Galeano,

It’s too late to send you this letter because you have passed away, and the world is a bit sadder, more desolate place with your absence.  I’m sorry I’m so late.  Disculpa la tardanza.  You are a god of a writer.  Un dios de la palabra escrita.  I honestly don’t know how you do it.  Como lo haces?  How do you learn so much information, and then convey it in such a succinct way?  Short little paragraphs, maybe even just a sentence or two, and you can tell an entire story.  It’s amazing.  Asombroso.  I absolutely LOVE your writing.  You are probably one of my favorite authors.  Check that.  You are definitely one of my favorite authors.  Your books can be poured into.  They can be read cover to back or back to cover or just skip all around and every page, every entry has juice and wisdom and food for thought that can be chewed on for hours, no days, and still produce something new.  It is really incredible.

Thank you for enlightening me.  Gracias.  Thank you for opening my eyes to so much of the history that I was never taught by anyone else.  Gracias.  So much of the world’s history which those in power would rather sweep under the rug, hide from the light, you put front and center for all who had eyes to see to see and share.  You turn the world upside down and inside out.  I am forever changed from reading your works.  I am forever inspired to keep searching, to keep seeking out the stories and histories of others and practicing deep listening to take them in.  I am forever grateful for the many works, the many words, the many stories, the many lives you courageously and passionately shared with me and the world.  Mil gracias mi querido Galeano.


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