A Prayer of Thanksgiving for the Boeing Company

O Lord God
We joyously thank you
For the many gifts
You have provided us in Saint Louis
With the Boeing Company
Who sees to it
That we are gainfully employed and
That our community is the recipient
Of its generous philanthropy
In the arts and education

May we remember the dedicated men and women
In the leadership of Boeing
Who serve on local boards
To promote the common good and
Who serve our nation in our noble quest
To defend ourselves and the world from the evil of terrorism

Lord, know that we indeed ask how we may better serve you
By supporting the Boeing Company
May the yoke of their tax burden be ever lessened!
May they hire even more university graduates
To further the work of maintaining our security and well-being!

May we not be remiss in letting
Boeing know each and every day
Of our humble gratitude
For all they do
All they are
All they offer us
In the form of innovative civilian products
As well as those indispensable, cutting edge global products and services
To serve our allies and all people who seek you with contrite hearts

In your Son’s name
We give thanks fervently for the Boeing Company


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