Appeal for Gaza

Norman Finkelstein has been calling on people to make a donation to al-Awda Hospital in Gaza in the hopes of raising $100,000. Please consider making a donation of $10 if you can.

One of the people involved in this project, Sana, wrote the following: “I would like to thank all of you for your contributions. When we began this fundraiser, naturally our ultimate goal was to raise $100,000 for Al Awda Hospital in Gaza, which is in dire need of medical supplies and equipment. At the same time, our effort aims to shed light on the ongoing siege on the people of Gaza. This was not meant as an act of charity. Instead we decided to raise the money using a crowdfunding model, such that people from all over the world can participate in the collective solidarity effort with Palestine, its people and its cause.”

Thanks for considering this.


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  1. I was very glad to read that Norman Finkelstein’s goal was indeed set. With so little world attention to such immediate dire need, this is good news. The state of the State of Palestine is a principal focus in my blog:
    As a new follower I look forward to reading more here. Keep up the good work!

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