Arundhati Roy on How MLK Is Remembered

Martin Luther King Jr. made the forbidden connections between Capitalism, Imperialism, Racism and the Vietnam War. As a result, after he was assassinated even his memory became toxic, a threat to public order. Foundations and Corporations worked hard to re-model his legacy to fit a market-friendly format. The Martin Luther King Junior Center for Non-Violent Social Change with an operational grant of $2 million, was set up by, among others, the Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Mobil, Western Electric, Proctor and Gamble, US Steel and Monsanto. The Center maintains the King Library and Archives of the Civil Rights Movement. Among the many programs the King Center runs have been projects that “work closely with the United States Department of Defense, the Armed Forces Chaplains Board and others.” It co-sponsored the Martin Luther King Jr. Lecture Series called “ The Free Enterprise System: An Agent for Non-violent Social Change.”
Capitalism: A Ghost Story

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