My eyes are thirsty for your image,
to take in your beautiful smile
and your graceful walk,
to hear the voice
that is music to my ears.
Ah, but it is only because
I have not yet mastered
the art of seeing,
and feeling
resting in my heart.
How attached I am to my Guru!
How selfish that I want to take him with me everywhere,
leaving my fellow students empty handed…
But still, I won’t apologize for this,
I will continue to look forward
to the day
where I will not miss you,
the day where I can rise above my human selfishness,
and realize that to truly love you
means to let you go,
just as Radha did for Krishna,
for you belong to the whole world!
To try to keep you
is like trying to stop a flowing river
that nurtures everything along its path.

— Nirmala Banerjee

from work-in-progress, Namaste Forever

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