Boeing/Gaza (“It’s Not Personal; It’s Strictly Business”)

The Boeing Company must have been thrilled this past month
Its warplanes performing so expertly in front of the world
And Boeing is proud of its “products” and its customers

Conflicts, massacres, wars
They’re all good investment opportunities for the arms merchants
Who’ve enthusiastically been capitalizing on the Middle East for decades

(What would have the power
To spark heart and panic attacks
In those no-nonsense CEOS

But that long-sought after
{officially at least}
Peace between warring parties?)

While its PR department emphasizes patriotism and security
Boeing, like any business,
Seeks ever greater profits

Through such mutually beneficial relationships
As with the State of Israel
Who so well armed and supplied

Predictably delivers death
Dismemberment and disintegration
To Palestinian children, women, and men in Gaza

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