Fidel on Che

I view Che, furthermore, as a moral giant who grows day by day, whose image, whose strength, whose influence has multiplied throughout the world.

How could he fit below a tombstone?

How could he fit in this plaza?

How could he fit solely in our beloved but small island?

Only the world he dreamed of, which he lived and fought for, is big enough for him.
The more that injustice, exploitation, inequality, unemployment, poverty, hunger, and misery prevail in human society, the more Che’s stature will grow.

The more that the power of imperialism, hegemonism, domination, and interventionism grow, to the detriment of the most sacred rights of the peoples – especially the weak, backward, and poor peoples who for centuries were colonies of the West and sources of slave labor – the more the values Che defended will be upheld.

The more that abuses, selfishness, and alienation exist; the more that Indians, ethnic minorities, women, and immigrants suffer discrimination; the more that children are objects of sexual trade or forced into the work force in their hundreds of millions; the more that ignorance, unsanitary conditions, insecurity, and homelessness prevail – the more Che’s deeply humanistic message will stand out.

The more that corrupt, demagogic, and hypocritical politicians exist anywhere, the more Che’s example of a pure, revolutionary, and consistent human being will come through.

The more cowards, opportunists, and traitors there are on the face of the earth, the more Che’s personal courage and revolutionary integrity will be admired.

The more that others lack the ability to fulfill their duty, the more Che’s iron willpower will be admired.

The more that some individuals lack the most basic self-respect, the more Che’s sense of honor and dignity will be admired.

The more that skeptics abound, the more Che’s faith in man will be admired.

The more pessimists there are, the more Che’s optimism will be admired.

The more vacillators there are, the more Che’s audacity will be admired.

The more that loafers squander the product of the labor of others, the more Che’s austerity, his spirit of study and work, will be admired.

–Fidel Castro

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