Dear Bella Levenshteyn

Johnny Yau and I came up with the following “application form”
After drinking a couple of beers the other night

Maybe you’d be willing to see
If you’re ready to go to Palestine



Are you willing to risk…?
Please check the following boxes that apply:

◻ Tattered reputation
◻ Bouts of diarrhea
◻ Termination of employment
◻ Deportation
◻ Chaos as a way of life
◻ Afternoons of tear gas and sound bombs
◻ Scores of illusions
◻ Pervasive second-hand smoke
◻ Vicious gossip
◻ Hunger
◻ Thirst
◻ (Hourly) Heartbreak (Some days)
◻ Despair
◻ Sleeplessness (interrupted bynightmares)
◻ Detention  (12 hours, 10 days)
◻ Constantly changing schedule (control freaks, you are being warned)
◻ Concussion (from rifle butts)
◻ Disorienting insight into the way the world really is
◻ Shrapnel
◻ Worse than any (or all) of the above

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