Dark, Mysterious, Radiant

Bithika Mukerji, Life and Teachings of Sri Ma Anandamayi: A Bird on the Wing
Sri Satguru Publications, 1997

This is a work similar in aim to The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, but about 1/5th the length.  The author shares this recognition by Richard Lannoy: “There is a movement in the cluster of figures and She is leaving the room now. We watch Her go outside and standing on  the step, She pauses for a moment, not looking at anyone, but beyond them, quite still, and we notice with what perfect beauty She stands, and we are close enough now to see Her face clearly. It ripples: there is a kind of fullness, a richness of modelling, it is as if we were looking at a Rembrandt, with every line and slightest variation of modelling containing behind it a tremendous power, so that the volumes, their entity, their delicacy, their lightness are the shape of the character itself, a power which is both dark and mysterious and also radiant.”  

I took note of these teachings of Ma…

The one and only duty for man is to engage in God-remembrance. 36

The whole world is an ashram. Why do you wish to have one of your own?  99

Fortitude is the prime requisite of a sadhaka. 118

Wherever you are you should live in the company of that which gives Peace. I say to you, keep God always in mind; God alone is Peace. 135

Tell everyone that they should live constantly and uniformly in God-remembrance with their attention firmly fixed on the One Goal. 184

Enterprises which help one toward God-realization are alone worthwhile. 211

To talk of God alone is worthwhile; all else is in vain and pain. 229

That is the reason I say to all of you to persevere with God’s name. Do it quietly, hiding it within yourself. Public demonstration of sadhana is not desirable. 259 

These 15 minutes will be like the corner-stone of total remembrance. The meaning of fissureless sadhana is just this: the daily routine of 15 minutes should be unshakeable. 312 … But this little duration of time of 15 minutes cuts through all barriers and diversities. 313

The path will not open out unless you live a life of self-discipline. 316 

Wherever you are, immerse yourself totally in one-pointed sadhana. [Ma’s last words] 333

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