December 10 Sunday Share the Wealth with Andrew Wimmer: Reckoning with Torture

In November 2005, Stop Torture Now, a project of the Center for Theology and Social Analysis in St. Louis, delivered a Peoples’ Indictment against Aero Contractors and the commissioners of the Johnston County airport in North Carolina from which Aero operated extraordinary rendition flights to Guantanamo and CIA black sties. We dubbed Aero’s operation the Torture Taxi.

Watch for two minutes to get a sense of what Aero was involved in.

A dozen years later, and after sustained work by a dedicated group in North Carolina, The North Carolina Commission of Inquiry on Torture held a two-day hearing before a board of commissioners with witnesses from around the world, including those who were rendered, psychologists, military interrogators, international legal investigators, and journalists.

Take a look at the NCCIT website to see the scope of their work.

The question on everyone’s mind and the one voiced repeatedly throughout the two days of hearings was “And now what do we do?”

The commissioners have been given the task of writing a report and action plan within the next six months. They want to hear from all of us during that time.

Come this Sunday 10 December to hear some of the key moments from the two-day hearing, including a remote testimony from Mohamedou Slahi, only recently released from Guantånamo after twelve years of detention.

Potluck begins at 6:00 pm
Andrew begins sharing at 6:45
At Andrew’s home
5712 Arendes Drive
St. Louis, MO 63116

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