No sipping Northeast Coffee latte supreme with whipped cream
No texting someone I’ll see in ten minutes

No zoning out to Diane Rehm
No penciling out the evening workout on a crumpled scratch pad

No returning that phone call to Grushenka Smith
No smoking the 5th and 6th cigarettes of the day

No daydreaming about ______________
No singing at 76 decibels of of Dylan’s “Positively 4th Street”

No listening to audio lectures on Fernando Pessoa
No reading two paragraphs of Dear Layla on a Smart Phone 

No flipping through Bengali vocab flash cards
No voicing via digital tape recorder of random “to do’s” lest I forget

No munching on the best Crab Rangoon in the city
Just this–

Drive the car


* Ekāgratā, Sanskrit. One-pointedness, doing only one thing at a time, concentrating upon a single object or task. – Diana Morrison, A Glossary of Sanskrit from the Spiritual Tradition of India (Nilgiri Press, 1977).

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