Email from Larry Friedberg in Haifa (Reading/6)

Dear Professor

One of your former students told my daughter
To tell me that I should read your book

So I did
I read it in two days

I want to thank you
You articulated what I’ve felt for some time

But I could only stumble over my words
With a few close friends

After a successful business career in Chicago
I retired and moved to Haifa

You’ll be interested to know
The Israel National Library has your book

Good for them!
People can learn something from you

I’m reveling each day
In the kindred political spirits I’ve met here

I refuse to go to Yad Vashem
I’ve had enough of memory

Without responsibility
Now is the time to be responsible!

I’m old enough to remember when Dr. King
Referred to “the fierce urgency of now”

To see what viciousness is happening in the West Bank
Is shocking and infuriating

Again thank you for your writing
It’s inspired me to get up off my ass

Larry Friedberg

–from forthcoming novel, Dear Layla Welcome to Palestine

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