Favorite Memories of Reading by Katrina Becker

2 March 2016

– Reading The Babysitters’ Club & Little House on the Prairie & The Boxcar Children in elementary school & feeling super-advanced.  And reading them later & just enjoying them.

– Reading Harry Potter for the first time in Allison’s blow-up purple chair while she played Mario.  One reason among several why that music makes me so happy.

– Reading The Princess Bride in line for rides at Disney World, as it fit so handily in the pocket of my purse.

– Reading my summer books many many summers: A Long Way From Chicago [if you ever get the chance to blitz through this one, Dr. Chmiel, it’s hysterical :-)], Ella Enchanted, A Room With a View, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

– Reading Jane Eyre & wanting to read it to my daughter.  Then passive-aggressively gifting copies to women who should read it.

– Reading reading reading away in a big wicker chair at Daunt Books. Primarily Camus for school & Bill Bryson for me.

– Reading Harry Potter & A Series of Unfortunate Events to Allison during numerous car rides between St. Louis & Mexico.

– Reading EVERYTHING at Point View, namely in a giant plastic deck chair on the beach or sprawled on the 70’s-esque brown sofas. So. Much. Reading.

– Reading anything & everything for Literary London class, & then taking various walking tours of the places.

– Reading outside at SLU: newspapers, books, class articles/readings. On West Pine, outside the BSC, on the porch of Cupples House, in the grass by the iron-deer-bedecked lakes. That last one sometimes succeeded by an impromptu nap.

– Reading pretty much anything whilst waiting for &/or riding planes, trains, Megabuses (Megabi?), etc. Subways less so, but sometimes then too.

– Oh gosh! Reading with Mom on the couch- how did this only make it so far down the list? The blue floral couch on Rain Ridge, sometimes with just us, & sometimes with Allison. The Pokey Little Puppy, The Monster at the End of This Book, The Berenstein Bears.

– OF COURSE reading letters. From Jacob, Mandi, & Sr. M. Xavier mainly. Also reading palancas of any variety & at any time.

–from a Writing/Reading class (Dear Layla Welcome to Palestine), spring 2016

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