Feedback, August 2007

…I also mentioned to you something about accessibility: I said that when I read your more final version of The Book of Mev, I was surprised by how accessible the voice was. Yes, it did contain wild mind, junk-and-jewel excursions, but it was mainly stuff that anyone could get fairly easily. I was a bit surprised because some of your original writing on the subject in this book were more of the wild mind literary form.

It’s not that one (wild mind literary) is better than the other (accessibility). But they are different. Perhaps this is why Pat asked you “who is your audience?”  Perhaps this next book* will be less “accessible” than The Book of Mev was. But it strikes me that this stuff about accessibility versus wild mind really comes back to form. I think that once you found your form with The Book of Mev, the voice came with it.


*What became Dear Layla Welcome to Palestine

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