First Thoughts on Julie O’Heir

Where do I look for this question that’s glowing
Where do I look for this truthgrin that I know is in the city limits
Where do I feel that bare vibe whispering around my upper ear

My feet can only hopscotch on six kinds of trampolines
My eyes can only look through seven kinds of heat haze
My nose can only smell twelve kinds of gooey butter cake
I can touch and twist and turn thirty-two kinds of double dutch

I could either go to the church of my choice
(Most people’ll find God in the church of their choice)

Or I could go to Benton Park or Soulard, take your pick
Where a 25 year-old Jesus would know to show up
In his sandals and cut-offs
(He’s in town since getting expelled from BC’s grad program in theo studies–
he could never finish a paper)
He arrives at the front door same time as me
He feels what I’m feeling
He says, “Seek…”
I say, “Find…”

And we go on in
And are drawn to the back
And then we just clam up
And listen
To Julie O’Heir read our eyes
Untie our knots
Interconnect our dreams
Massage our sorrows over America and the world
99 degrees at 3 p.m.
The coolest earthly refreshment possible
There in the back patio of Park Avenue Coffee
In Lafayette Square

August 1, 2011

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  1. The title is an allusion to Bob Dylan’s “Last Thoughts on Woody Guthrie.” Further, it evokes Natalie Goldberg’s Writing down the Bones, wherein she explores “first thoughts” as a form of writing meditation.

    In my mind there is a strong connection between Julie and Dylan’s early song, “Girl from the North Country”…

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