All we can know is, what we, who compose humanity, must do, and what not, in order that the kingdom of God may come. That we all know. And every one need but begin to do what we must do, and stop doing what we must not do; every one of us need only live by all that light which is within us, in order that the promised kingdom of God, toward which the heart of every man is drawn, may come at once.
—Leo Tolstoy, The Kingdom of God Is Within You

When one realizes that something is morally wrong, one should stop it as soon as possible. Why wait for next year?

At first they did not like Alyosha—he was much too peasantlike, and poorly dressed, and had no manners, addressing everyone informally—but they soon got used to him. He served them better than his brother. He was indeed uncomplaining, was sent to do all kinds of things, and did them all eagerly and quickly, going without pause from one thing to another…. Alyosha spoke little, and when he did, it was always abruptly and briefly. And when he was told to do or was asked whether he could do this or that, he always said without the slightest hesitation, “It can all be done,” and rushed at once to do it.  
—Leo Tolstoy, “Alyosha the Pot”

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