Four Truths and Ten Laws by Kazuaki Tanahashi

I have had many conversations with friends  on what to do  after the November election.  The following may be of some value.


Four Truths

  1. No situation is impossible to change.
  2. A communal vision, outstanding strategy, and sustained effort can bring forth positive change.
  3. Everyone can help make a difference.
  4. No one is free of responsibility.

Ten Laws

  1. Breakthrough may or may not occur. It is unpredictable. How it happens is mysterious. All we can do is work toward breakthrough.
  2. Some breakthroughs are life-affirming, others destructive.
  3. The chance for breakthrough increases when the objective and the process of change are clearly stated.
  4. The chance for breakthrough increases when blocks are clearly identified.
  5. The smaller the objective, the greater the chance for breakthrough.
  6. An effective, intense, and continuous effort builds a foundation for breakthrough.
  7. The larger the force combined with many others, the greater is the chance for breakthrough.
  8. The greater the objective, the easier it is to bring together forces for breakthrough.
  9. The chance for breakthrough increases when more attention is directed to the process than the goal.
  10. Non-attachment is a crucial element for breakthrough.

–Kazuaki Tanahashi, a painter, writer, translator, and peace activist. He is a founding member of Plutonium Free Future.

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