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I’ve had a year like no other. So much happened, but what stands out is all the love. I can’t be grateful enough for family and friends who did so much for me. My Mom and Dad and my brothers and sisters gave me so much support from whatever distant city they live in. I could not have gone on if my friends hadn’t gathered around me and kept me going with food and poems, and books and all sorts of things. I can’t say enough about how incredible my co-workers have been. My children have been phenomenal. I am totally humbled.

Sweet Mark Chmiel sent me this card, words that are painted on the wall at Karen House (or were!). They are Dorothy Day’s words. I now know just how true they are. Life is a banquet, even if all you have is a crust, when you are loved by those “breaking bread” with you in the midst of your troubles.


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