Give, Give, and Give Some More

Give away career advice
Give dropping-out-of-grad-school encouragement
Give reminders of the lojong slogans (“Don’t ponder others”)

Give away Harold Bloom’s Western Canon reading list
Give a 9 by 12 b/w photo by M. Puleo
Give encouragement to someone to write Chomsky

Give away classes in Ordinary Miracles
Give postcards of Surrealist Joy
Give observations of what’s right in front of us

Give away a cup of sugar to Charlene next door
Give a book-buying spree to a bibliomaniac at Chicago Seminary Coop
Give a compliment: “Mev would envy your darkroom moxie”

Give away a cd mix of Glenn Gould’s Bach recordings
Give a gorgeous photo of Courtney Barrett to gorgeous Courtney Barrett
Give a friendly enumeration of someone’s bedazzlements, one through five

Give away a banana-strawberry smoothie to overwhelmed social work grad student
Give more teasing and playfulness
Give an hour to pick up Chouteau Ave trash

Give away questions???
Give exclamations!!!
Give ellipses…

Give away probings
Give massages
Give double-dutch

Give away metaphoric spark plugs
Give million electron volts of affirmation
Give a sledgehammer and four hours of hard labor

— from Metta Writing Class; Thursday 14 August 2014; 4026 Magnolia Place

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