Gloria Emerson’s Rage, according to Cal

Dear Carla

Cal keeps sending me stuff
I keep sending it to you
With my slight adaptations…


I endorse her rage
I approve of it
Even though the Buddhist masters say
Anger is a poison

They’d tell Gloria Emerson
To cultivate such expansive compassion
That would include even
Secretary of “Defense” Robert McNamara

I  say, Fuck no
She was spot on in the decades after the war
When she had a vision
of how justice should be meted out to him

Because it would be unprecedented
Never has a U.S. war criminal
Been held accountable

So, it would only be right to see McNamara squirm
(But it’s too late now for him
But not for, say, Rumsfeld
To undergo a similar treatment vis-a-vis the Iraqis)

Hey, bodhisattvas
The problem isn’t Gloria’s (or my) rage
It’s  people’s seeming equanimity
I know that’s supposed to be one of the heavenly abodes

You wanna chant songs
That are at a third-grade level, fine
But Emerson did not lose sight of suffering,
Not the cause, the US cause, of Vietnamese suffering

–from work-in-progress, Our Heroic and Ceaseless 24/7 Struggle against Tsuris


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