Happy when Amazon.com doesn’t faze me

Happy shutting up

Happy patiently watering the impatiens

Happy to be Joanie’s Feldenkrais student

Happy to enjoy I’m Not Bossy, I’m the Boss

Happy listening to Carol Wright tell some tall tales

Happy to hold Lindsay’s hand for 40 seconds

Happy realizing breathing is the most awesome treasure imaginable

Happy to sit in silence Friday mornings with Chris, Brandon, Cami, Nebu

Happy getting  Penny’s poems in the mail

Happy sitting on the front porch, nowhere to go, no one to text

Happy to tell all my beloveds Markel’s secret

Happier  living out Markel’s secret

Happy trusting the Dharma

Happy to hear Lucy Hedges laugh out loud

Happy to regard Ron’s cover design for Dear Layla

Happy  as I grasp that happiness is that Elvis song: “It’s Now or Never”

Happy that Madalyn will soon give birth to a Buddha child

Happy that I live in the same city as Fatima

Happy  understanding I have so far to go

Happy Cristina is now tight with M. Oliver

Happy to know the word anaphora

Happy to remember Maharajji’s counsel to Ram Dass, “You are to fear nothing”

Happy to encourage countless beings in their writing journeys

Happy so many people share their non-economic wealth

Happy to walk with Emma anytime

Happy now to hear Chris sound the bell


— written in summer Metta Writing Class, Magnolia Place

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