Hello, Dualism

Hello, Dualism
Come, have a shot of espresso with me

I know you’ve had a hard time
Working overtime nonstop can’t be easy

Everyone’s on to you
And wants a piece of you

You animate the far right
You galvanize the far left

And everyone in between
I’m surprised I’ve yet to see

You end up explicitly on a million t-shirts
Or a batch of  billions of Tweets

With you calling the shots
Friends become enemies in a flash

Chaos becomes a way of life
When you are at the helm

But, I’m not going to renounce you
And act as if I’ve extirpated you from my system

If I can’t practice Metta with you
If I can’t practice Metta with me

If I’m not part of the non-dualistic solution
Then I am part of the dualistic problem

Breathing in, I see my Dualistic thinking
Come on, join me, “Breathing out, I see my Dualistic thinking”

You can visit me anytime, Dualism
I won’t throttle or harangue you

Or your infinite manifestations
Some of which regularly appear on my newsfeed

Some of which appear on my hourly mind screen
Noticing you and offering a little hospitality

That’s within my power to do
OK Dualism, I hope you get a break soon

I know we’ll be in touch
Give my regards to Arjuna


–from working novel draft, Our Heroic and Ceaseless 24/7 Struggle against Tsuris

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