How Do You Tell Uncle Johnny Where You’re Going?

She bought her ticket
She connected with her travel mates

They’d be two weeks there
Meeting people

In the south
In central

In the north
She was the youngest going

Many were old-timers
A couple in their forties

But she was scared
Hesitant to let her family know

Especially her Uncle Johnny
The war was 50 years ago

But he was still fuming
When he wasn’t sullen and silent

What would he say
If he knew his favorite niece

Was going there
There where everything happened?

And what was most awful, he’d think, was
She was going with … peaceniks!

The vets who were soft on the Commies
The ones who gave comfort to the enemy

The ones who gave a pass to Jane Fonda
We’ve  been going downhill

Ever since the country didn’t give 100%
To doing what was necessary

To win the war
Like we had always won wars

She’d have to let someone know
But not just yet

But soon because she might end up on TV
It was a big anniversary this year…

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