How Father Ignacio Ellacuría Saw Us

In regard to the ideal of the dominant old human being in the so-called North Atlantic and Western Christian civilization, certain features have to be rejected. These include its radical insecurity which leads it to take wild and irrational self-defense measures; its unsolidarity with what is happening to the rest of humanity; its ethnocentrism, along with its absolutizing and idolatrizing of the nation-state as fatherland; its exploitation and direct or indirect domination of other peoples and of their resources; the trivial superficiality of its existence and of the crtiteria by which types of work are chosen; its immaturity in the search for happiness through pleasure, random entertainment, and amusement; the smug pretension of setting itself up as the elite vanguard of humanity; its permanent aggression against the environment shared by the rest of humanity.

–Ignacio Ellacuría, “Utopia and Prophecy in Latin America” (1989)
in Towards a Society That Serves its People: The Intellectual Contribution of El Salvador’s Murdered Jesuits

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photo by Mev Puleo

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