I Heard

I heard that Lenka is the best correspondent in the Western hemisphere, the kind whom you want to reread twenty times.

I heard someone give a phenomenological analysis of a 25 year-old evangelical Marxist’s zeal.

I heard Jim and J’Ann Allen are inviting us to do war tax resistance tomorrow night.

I heard someone say that a good teacher can get results using any method, and that a bad teacher can wreck any method.

I heard EE Cummings is a great poet to read when falling in love with someone (example: “I like my body when it is with your body…”).

I heard that although I have no real career, I am in love with my life.

I heard that Han-shan said, “Be happy if there’s something to be happy about/When the moment comes do not lose it.”

I heard that Magan Wiles is up for a Kevin Kline Award for best actress on Monday night.

I heard Linh Dinh call out Obama in a brilliant, biting way.

I heard that I got a B+ on my Vietnamese translation assignment.

I heard the Three Degrees’ song, “When Will I See You Again” and was transported back to 1974.

I heard Priya say about the residents she knows on rotations: “They talk on and on about Lady Gaga, but say nothing about the wars we’re in.”

I heard Hedy Epstein is going to board the Audacity of Hope boat bound for the Gaza Strip in late May.

I heard that the U.S. government has lost none of its interventionist zeal for “worthy victims” and none of its lethal indifference for “unworthy” ones.

I heard that the St. Louis March weather changes less dramatically than Alicia Florek’s moods after a conversation with Will.

I heard that selected Syrian secret service agents and off-duty cops have a soft spot for late 20s, Arabic-learning American models (you know who I’m talking about).

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