J. A. Topf & Sons

Someone had an idea
Someone mentioned it to a colleague
Someone sent a memo to the higher-ups
Someone gathered a group of movers and shakers
Someone got the engineers on board
Someone set production goals
Someone managed shipping and receiving
Someone worked 16-hour days
Someone believed in the mission
Everyone did his part on the assembly line
Someone headed up the legal department
Someone smiled on all the interdepartmental cooperation
Someone set production goals
Someone rubbed his hands a little greedily
Someone put all the pieces together
Someone headed up quality control
Someone reviewed the profit sheet
Someone was on the phone to Poland
Someone inspected the finished product
Someone tested the finished product
Someone gave his seal of approval
Someone hosted a party for the principal players
Someone sent word up the chain of command
Someone loaded the trucks
Someone installed the product
Someone wrote up a manual of precise instructions
Someone shouted, “It’s ready”
Someone said, “Let’s do it”
Someone felt anxious about results
Someone couldn’t tell his wife about it
Someone slept easily
Someone had technicians on hand in case there was a malfunction
Someone saw the big picture
Someone articulated the rationale and benefits
Someone turned it on
Someone marveled at well it worked
Someone cleaned up afterward
Someone played his role in keeping in everything going
Someone solved some problems they hadn’t anticipated
Someone envisioned that one day it could work nonstop
Someone wrote up a patent for a new and improved version
Someone said it was necessary
Someone didn’t second-guess his superiors
Someone didn’t ask questions
Someone just looked at the numbers
Someone claimed credit that wasn’t his
Someone trusted the leadership
Someone got a bonus
Someone asked for a raise
Someone wondered how long this could be profitable
Someone repeated over and over “Business is business”
Someone expressed pride in these crematory ovens that served the Fatherland

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