Just Say Thanks?


On last year’s Memorial Day
The Cardinals played the Royals
And to show their gratitude
For the soldiers who died  in one war or another
The players wore camouflage
Instead of their regular uniforms
Perhaps this year
Ministers, priests, and rabbis
Will wear camouflage
When conducting their sacred services
That solemn weekend


March 30 was Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day
The point of it is for civilians
To show honor and respect
For veterans’ service and sacrifice
People were advised that if they know a Vietnam vet
To be sure to thank them


I knew a veteran who once admitted
He got irritated when people would come up to him
And say “thanks” for what he did in Iraq
Sometimes he’d be blunt:
“I didn’t do it for you…
I did it for my buddies”
He also said on another occasion
“There was not a single good thing we did over there”

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