Share the Wealth with Katie Kilcline: Living in Nepal

Join us to hear Katie Kilcline share stories and reflections from her two years of living in Nepal:

“I lived in Kathmandu, Nepal from 2006-2008 as part of Jesuit Volunteers International.  During that time, the country transitioned from a Hindu Kingdom in midst of a civil war, to holding their first democratic elections.  It was a time of great shortage and instability, as well as spiritual richness and community.  After I returned, I summed up the experience in these short sentences: ‘Sometimes God appears as a Goddess arising from a stone, covered in red powder and melted butter candle. Sometimes happiness is dancing barefoot in the dirt to a static radio. Always there is time for tea, and room for one more.'”

Sunday 9 December 2012
Potluck begins at 6:00 p.m.
Katie’s sharing begins at 6:45
Sophia House
4547 Gibson Avenue (63110)

Katie K

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