In one of the Metta Writing classes this summer
We wrote off a topic suggested by Sharon Salzberg’s book Lovingkindness:
Our very own loveliness


My loveliness is verbal:
“You can do it”
“Why not?”
“You, too?”

My loveliness is relentless
I’m a nonviolent steamroller
I’m foam rubber dynamite
But really I’m the truth about yourself you really wish were true

My loveliness is ancient
Centuries of Russian ancestors
Around me all the time
Whispering the heart of the Torah in two sentences

My loveliness is bookish
The written word arouses me
My ears tingle when Emma begins to read aloud
My tongue will not be still

My loveliness is unremarkable
After meeting up at Cafe Ventana
You’ll likely forget we visited for many weeks
And then I’ll appear about of the blue to ask

“So why don’t you share
Your loveliness
With me and my friends
Some Sunday night soon?”

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