M. K. Gandhi & Sri Anandamayi Ma

Through the sincere efforts of both Kamal Nehru and Sethji, a meeting was arranged between Ma and Mahatma Gandhi. Upon entering his room, Ma cried out, “Father! Your crazy daughter has come to visit you!” Gandhiji received her with open arms and sat holding her hand and together they conversed happily for a long time. He requested her to stay with him longer, but Ma only responded with laughter and quick-witted humor. At one point during the conversation, Ma spoke gravely to Gandhiji and told him, “I shall come and take you at the appropriate time.” Upon leaving, he scolded Ma and said, “You have come like a dacoit to steal my heart!” Ma laughingly replied, “I shall steal everything belonging to you; shall I?” To which the Mahatma replied softly, “Such theft is a rare fortune.” Later to one of his assistants, she sent the message, “Tell Mahatmaji to be prepared. After all, the time for going home is drawing near.”

Ma met Gandhiji once again, shortly before his assassination in 1948. He again asked her to stop wandering and stay with him. She blessed him saying, “Father believe me, I am always with you.”

–Swami Mangalananda

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