Friday 6 December 2013

Dear Eileen

Thank you for being real
In an unreal time
Is it Death breathing down your neck
Or just another terrifying episode to the ER
1/8th step forward
40 meters back

You sent me the Facebook message early this morning
And then responded throughout the day
To my text messages

Then at Sasha’s at 5 p.m.
Just as John, Cab, and I were talking
You phoned me
And told me how upset, exhausted, undone you were
Up all night and at the hospital

I felt singled out
That you would share all of that
With me
You must know
I’ll receive and accept everything you say
Our lives converging in more ways than one

I’m available
I’m willing
Call me
Text me
Send someone to get me

All there is
Is this (shitty) present moment
The long road ahead
Full of moments

Heart-rending and awesome

Note: Pete Mosher died the next day, Saturday 7 December 2013  in the ICU at Barnes Jewish. He was 32.

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