My Relationship with the Dictionary by Claire Peterson

Last night in the Dear Layla Writing class, we considered the themes of “Words” and “Reading” as we read aloud part of  the Lexicon and Reading series in my novel.

Claire Peterson wrote the following and I am happy to share it!

My Relationship with the Dictionary

Which one?
Merriam Webster is my go-to on-the-go
I’m trying to define something for a friend and don’t want to give them
A sloppy answer–so I pull the dictionary out of my purse
And hit the screen a few times, and frown.

The OED is sacred–first uses with the year and a citation–
All roads lead
To the OED.

Word Reference–class, texting Javier, journaling in Spanish,
Trying not to offend a profesora in an email…

The Real Academia Española’s 1791 Diccionario–
Rare book, 3rd edition of the “Spanish Language in Transition.”
The subject of the first piece of writing I ever published–
The way the pages wrinkle when you turn them is
It gets stuck in your brain and you just want to
Keep turning pages forever.
It taught me about the sanctity and the flaws
Of the physical and the rich mystery of
Pagination, and tuned my ear
To the pitch of handmade paper.

My fingertips buzz at the thought of turning pages.
No gloves, just care and a keen eye.

Entrelazado (adjetivo, participio pasado): entangled

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