On Romero, Angelica & Ann, the Day to Day, Faith, Love, Community and Interbeing: A Facebook Message from Lindsey Weston

With all of the talk of Romero becoming a martyr…
Officially, “killed in the hatred of faith”
I can’t help but think… well duh
You and I already knew that

Angelica knew that
Ann knew that
So many of our dear friends have lived and still breathe
the same faith Romero was killed for

And while I know there will be celebration in the streets of El Salvador
I know days will still go as planned
Women will wake up before sunrise with their typical chatter
accompanied by the sounds of tortillas hitting the comal
Children will walk to school
(perhaps even further, through Guatemala and Mexico before reaching the US)
surrounded by gangs that still exist
despite the reports that their presence is diminishing
Men will hike through las nubes to find work that will not suffice to support  their families
In neighboring Guatemala, Daniel Pascual will be declared a terrorist
All for what?

Because they have faith
The same faith Romero taught me
And you taught me
And Mev taught me
Faith that stems from the struggle that is one
That you and I are bound together
Faith that at times doesn’t seem all that complicated
Faith that is love
Faith that is frustration with the present conditions
Faith that you have taken care of me and I will take care of you.

I plan to celebrate
I also plan to continue the fight
I think that is what this idea of martyrdom is all about
Que viva monseñor!
Que viva la gente del pueblo!

Lindsay on Romero Mev Photo Couple

photo by Mev
El Salvador, 1993

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