One Thing Leads to Another

I shared the following on Facebook…
I would like to pass on one little bit of advice I give to every one. Relax. Just relax. Be nice to each other. As you go through your life, simply be kind to people. Try to help them rather than hurt them. Try to get along with them rather than hurt them. With that, I will leave you, and with all my very best wishes.
–Nyoshul Khen Rinpoche

Lynn Lassalle-Klein, a friend from Alameda, CA, sent the following in response…
“I had this experience recently that has really stayed with me. I had shopped at Costco and was packing the car with what I bought. I had hurt my back and so as a man was walking by, I asked him if he would help me move some particularly heavy stuff. He did, and was just great about it. As he walked away, I could see that he was just feeling great about what he did. And *I* was feeling great about what he did. And then I realized there was a person sitting in the car next to me, and *they* were smiling and clearly feeling great about what that guy did.  I wish we could create more opportunities for people to be kind, because I think they would be.”

And that reminded me of David Dunn: “Stop as you rush through life; look for all the friendly, thoughtful, courteous things you can do, and all the little human needs you can fill; listen to people and learn of their hopes and their problems so that you will be able to contribute in little ways to their success and happiness.”

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