Shimmelstoy: Just today, I was walking to campus, and I could swear I saw Miguel Weiss on the bus!

Max: Are you serious?

Shimmelstoy: It had to be. Dead-ringer.

Max: I thought you told me he was in Chiapas.

Shimmelstoy: That’s what I heard through the grapevine.

Max: He can’t be here looking for Carrie, can he? He has got to know she’s in Kabul.

Shimmelstoy: Those two have a very strange relationship. They are like a very laid back version of Shams and Rumi.

Max: Isn’t that a contradiction in terms?

Shimmelstoy: Yeah, but somehow, they glow together. You can see the sparks shooting between them.

Max: I always did think you were a little jealous of him, even when you were married to Miriam.

Shimmelstoy: Max, you really don’t mess around, you know my shit. Yes, a little bit jealous, which was completely unjustified.

Max: Maybe he is just passing through.

Shimmelstoy: That’s him exactly. Just passing through.

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