Ralph Nader

As consumer advocate par excellence, Ralph Nader has improved the quality of life of millions of American citizens. As gadfly of the presumedly immutable two-party system, he has aroused the wrath of the powerful. He translates Whitman’s “dear love of comrades” into minute particulars by tireless civic creativity and passionate engagement. Here’s his biographer Here’s Alan Morrison: “I haven’t known anybody who has more ideas about more things than Ralph. He’s not interested in two or three or five or ten things. He’s interested in a million. He sees things differently from everybody else. He just sees injustices, unfairnesses, and improper ways of handling situations that everyone else just accepts. He has a cosmic view of these things, very broad, but at the same time, he is a person who pays enormous attention to details. I never met anybody who can think so big and think so small at the same time.”

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