Recent Classes

Bob Dylan Approximately [Summer 2019]

The Essential Edward Said [Summer 2019]

An Introduction to Simone Weil: Concentration Is Consecration [Spring 2019]

Ram Dass and Be Here Now: American Sadhana and the Search for the Real [Winter 2019]

Making the World Bearable: A Reading/A Class on Diane di Prima [Fall 2018]

“What Am I Living My Life for?” Ivan Ilyich and Ikigai [Summer 2018]

Share the Wealth Writing Class [Summer 2018]

Improv Wisdom [Online Spring 2018]

Writing to Wake Up [Winter 2018]

Our Bliss with Books: A Writing and Reading Course [Fall 2017]

“Be in Love with Yr Life” — A Writing Course with The Book of Mev [Online Summer 2017]

Thich Nhat Hanh: At Home in the World [Summer 2017]

The Good News of Writing [Online Spring 2017]

Epistolary Ecstasy (Love Letters, Notes of Gratitude, Postcards with Brio) [Fall 2016]

Made possible by friends and beloveds who’ve hosted us: Cafe Ventana, Jeanne Marie Française, Marty and Jerry King, Fatima Rhodes, Suzy Shepard, & Andrew Wimmer.

Photo: Ayesha Akhtar and Ashaki Jackson, backyard patio, Chouteau Avenue [by M. Chmiel]

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