Say Yes! A Google Chat with Lindsay Sihilling

Mark Chmiel: Hey Linz
lindsay sihilling: hey mfc

Mark Chmiel: Here’s the exercise.Choose a person you are close to for this exercise in which one person gives and the other receives. Person A says to B: Do you know how ______ you are? [the blank is filled by an affirmation, something positive] Each time, B responds, “Yes.” A gives five such affirmations to B, and then B reciprocates with A. This would best be done in person. We can do this in person on Saturday, but tonight could be a warmup if you are game.
lindsay sihilling: i love it

Mark Chmiel: I’ll be person A, OK?
lindsay sihilling: okay

Mark Chmiel: You know what to say, right?
lindsay sihilling: I just say yes every time? unless I disagree?

Mark Chmiel:  You have to say yes, I am not going to say anything that isn’t true in my opinion!
lindsay sihilling: hah okay  YES

Mark Chmiel: That’s it! Do you know what a brilliant writer you are?
lindsay sihilling: yes

Mark Chmiel: Do you know how your laughter makes the angels in heaven jealous?
lindsay sihilling: yes!

Mark Chmiel:  Do you know Sarah Bollinger loves, loves loves you?
lindsay sihilling: yes

Mark Chmiel: Do you realize how many people you have profoundly touched in your brief time on Planet Earth?
lindsay sihilling: yes!

Mark Chmiel:  Do you dig how stupendous a miracle your non-bitternness is?
lindsay sihilling:  oh, yes  (now when can I go?!)

Mark Chmiel: Do you know that Jesus would love to touch the hem of your garment? I’m done
lindsay sihilling: yes … Do you know that spending time with you is like Spring in the middle of a snow storm?

Mark Chmiel:  uhhh… YES! (DON’T YOU LIKE SNOW STORMS?)
lindsay sihilling:  Do you know that The Book of Mev has given me hope for REAL love, compassion and companionship?

Mark Chmiel:  Yes
lindsay sihilling:  (not anymore! i’m over them) Do you know I’m proud to be your close friend?

Mark Chmiel: Yes, thank you, it’s mutual
lindsay sihilling:  Do you know I’d sell all my belongings if you needed anything?

Mark Chmiel: Yes, and I’d send over the royalties to The Book of Mev to you if you ever needed a plush dinner at Rasoi’s
lindsay sihilling:  Do you know how lovely it will be when we have your reading in the Longs backyard and everyone is there sitting on blankets, drinking tea? ha! Do you know my peace? I get it from you.

Mark Chmiel:  Yes, it will be lovely, and yes, I will give a bravura performance!
lindsay sihilling:  The Rowan Brothers will perform. This improv is fun!

–Such is what we do in the Improv Wisdom Writing class.

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