Share the Wealth

It is the duty of every man to endeavour that something may be added by his industry to the hereditary aggregate of knowledge and happiness. To add much can indeed be the lot of few, but to add something, however little, every one may hope; and of every honest endeavour, it is certain, that, however unsuccessful, it will be at last rewarded.
–Samuel Johnson, The Rambler, #129

It is with justice, therefore, that in an accomplished character, Horace unites just sentiments with the power of expressing them; and he that has once accumulated learning, is next to consider, how he shall most widely diffuse and most agreeably impart it.
–Samuel Johnson, The Adventurer,  #85 

You are busy in acquiring and in communicating knowledge, and while you are studying, enjoy the end of study, by making others wiser and happier.  
–Samuel Johnson, in James Boswell, The Life of Samuel Johnson

I am justified in preserving rather too many of Johnson’s sayings, than too few.
–James Boswell, The Life of Samuel Johnson

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