Share the Wealth with Andrew Wimmer–The Solar: A Bridge from Here to There

A decade ago I began reading and thinking in a more focused way about the economy. About money and how it works — and how it could and should work.

I would like you to join me for a conversation that is part theoretical but mostly practical. I’d like to share my plans for a building in the Forest Southeast neighborhood that I have begun to rehab and transform into an inviting space where we can work together on envisioning and creating the new. I’m calling it The Solar in part because I’ve put solar panels on the roof but mostly because I’m looking forward to living together in the warmth of the sun!

Some of the ideas for the space are classroom, art gallery, music venue, neighborhood cafe, library, theater, shared work space, conversation/organizing space. I’d like to hear your thoughts. And as far as money goes, I’d like to introduce you to the notion of public banking and the role a public bank could play in transforming life for all of us in St. Louis.

Join us Sunday 4 March
Potluck dinner begins at 6:00 pm
Andrew begins sharing at 6:45
At the home of Susan Clark
6330 Southwood Avenue
Unit 2E
St Louis, MO

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