Share the Wealth with Caro and Johnny Dolan-Dominguez: One Mile Per Hour

In July 2019, we got engaged, quit our jobs, and loaded our bicycles and camping gear onto an Amtrak headed west.  For the next four months we rode 4,000 miles through the Sierra Cascade mountains and down the Pacific Coast on a grand adventure that would put us up close and personal with mountaintops, coastal beaches, friends/family/strangers, gobs of peanut butter, wildlife, and a chance to do the counter-cultural thing together.  We learned how to survive outside, how to support each other, and how to stop thinking we were near the top of the hill. 

Johnny is from Chicago, IL, and has one of those ‘work from home’ jobs these days.  When he’s not working, he’s probably listening to a record, playing a game, cooking, or sitting still.  

Caro is from Miami, FL and is a social worker with adolescents. You’re likely going to find her running, swimming, or walking her dog Louie. When she finally decides to be still, you can find her watching a murder mystery documentary on Netflix.

Join us
Sunday 27 March
7 p.m. Central Time
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