Share the Wealth with Carolina and Christina: A Glimpse into Two Cubana-Americana’s Stories

Carolina Dominguez from Miami and Christina Arrom from Chicago, are Cubana-Americanas who were influenced by the stories of their parents, but especially their grandparents’ lives in Cuba.

After Carolina served with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps for two years in Belize City she moved to Chicago to study social work and work at an all girls high school. “Growing up in Miami allowed me to taste their stories and almost feel like I was in La Havana. However, leaving Miami and living in Italy and Central America allowed me to see how other people viewed Fidel Castro and the new relations between the U.S and Cuba. Working at both a geriatric urology center in the pulse of Little Havana and a poetry organization once back from Belize allowed me to witness the stories of patients who lived the exile, the Mariel Exodus and the title ‘Peter Pan kid.’ In attempt to understand and document this close history of my family I began to write poetry to try and delve into what being Cuban meant to me. Writing poetry about the stories I heard opened me up to write about my own story.”

Christina served with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in San Antonio, Texas. She

worked at various nonprofits in their legal departments before she went to Saint Louis University School of Law. She graduates from law school in December 2017. “As a first generation, I was always interested in hearing stories from my parents and grandparents escaping Cuba. I take the stories from my family, try to eliminate the chisme, and focus on the historical, legal, and political context so that I can converse with others on the importance of Cuba and America’s relationship, or lack thereof. When Elian Gonzalez became a well-known name in America, and when Obama shook Raul Castro’s hand at Nelson Mandela’s memorial, I got excited that Americans were interested ever so briefly in Cuba, and often I would give solicited and unsolicited advice regarding the situation. As I developed more of an understanding of the law, I often compare and analyze Cuban and American policies.”

Join us!
Saturday 30 September
Potluck dinner begins at 6:00 p.m.
Christina and Carolina begin sharing at 6:45
At the home of Chelsea Eva Jaeger
4540 Chouteau Avenue
Apartment 2E
Forest Park Southeast

Please try to park on Taylor or 4400 block of Chouteau.

Christina’s family

Carolina’s family

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